New Orleans: Big Easy Style and all that Jazz

To most of us New Orleans, otherwise known as “The Big Easy”, is a place where Mardi Gras is celebrated annually during the month of February. Famous for its food, music and festivities; the party never stops! Bourbon Street is the hub where all the people go to show off some tata’s grab some beads while the alcohol is constantly flowing. For some its a one time experience for others its an annual must but what is new orleans outside of Mardi Gras season?

New Orleans French Quarter
New Orleans French Quarter

On a recent trip to this amazing city I fell in love with its architecture, culture, and people.

French_Quarter_New_Orleans_backgroundThe French quarter is known for its French and Spanish architecture and its vibrant community. The colonial buildings are old and rich in history. Everywhere you turn each building has its own unique story and its place in American history.


The fashion is unique and like no other, from the street musicians to the locals who live here, there are elements of colonial mixed with a southern flamboyance reflected in their clothing.  The combination of Vintage and modern boho chic clothing keeps the city in touch with its roots all while growing with the modern world.

image7The music is like no other. The birthplace of Jazz has outdoor musicians in nearly every street.  You will love the live music you hear around every corner. I enjoyed drinking a hurricane while I walked throughout the french quarter streets listening to Jazz. Unbelievably this city is so full of life at all times.


The southern charm of this historic American city is simply why I am in love with the “Big Easy” lifestyle. I love being around polite, welcoming and charming people. So you can imagine I had the best time! Cant wait to catch you up on my next adventure in fashion. Until next time!

Lucy Aguilera

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