When is a pie not just a pie? Well when it’s famous songstress and entertainer PATTI LABELLE’s sweet potato pie. This is not just dessert, it’s an experience.  Social media was on fire with news that the Philadelphia native had a brand of sweet potato pie in the grocers at the local WALMART.  It was a combination of folks being on the pulse, being a fan or just being curious, but they went out in droves to the tune of nearly 2.5 million dollars, making PATTI’s Sweet Potato pie a success.  The singer even went as far as to call a Youtuber/Singer JAMES WRIGHT CHANEL and thank him for his glowing review and his beautiful singing voice (he was the one who started the social network uproar about the pies). You better work it PATTI. PAUL NEWMAN did it and now she can have a second wind in her career and keeping being relevant.



Apparently very well if you’re WENDY WILLIAMS.  LIONSGATE television, the distribution company who distributes the WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW has extended the show until 2022, with an option for more years down the road. AUNTIE WENDY will continue to bring in money for years to come while spilling the tea and interviewing B and C LEVEL celebrities alike.  No shade, but WENDY, in order to keep her brand relevant, is going to have to keep “coming” for celebrities with her famous HOT TOPICS and thus making it damn near impossible for anyone to come on her show big enough because she doesn’t kiss their ass.  But this has worked well for WENDY all this time, no shade, no tea, it will continue to work. So good luck MRS. HUNTER (her married name) and congratulations darlinggg…



RONDA ROUSEY, the famous UFC fighter with an impeccable record had the mess knocked out of her last weekend with a kick to the face by her opponent HOLLY HOLM.  The fight was a bitter fight for ROUSEY from the beginning to the end as she tried like hell to keep up with an opponent that was way above those she had had in the past. Ronda had made a name for herself for knocking out opponents left and right, even scoring movie and endorsement deals. This is where I think the problem begin. I believe she became a little too cocky and believed in herself a little too much, to the point where she thought that she could never lose. Well this was a mistake and with a un-sportsman like start, by not hitting gloves as one is supposed to do at the beginning of a fight, she set herself up for the fall out of her loss. Everyone on social media clowned her and she was left with egg and a bruise on her face.  Well it’s definitely a sporting event and she definitely will come back harder and this rematch will bring more eyes to the sport and her banking account will get fatter. Good luck Ronda on that recovery.

  1. MUSIC ‘ISH..



According to BILLBOARD MAGAZINE ADELE’s 21 ALBUM is the best album of all time.  I will repeat that. It is the best album of all time of any CD ever released since the beginning of Albums.  Well this is simple based on schematics and data that the magazine uses to chart albums. According to them the albums position on the chart and the subsequent weeks at number one and the hits that it spun were so numerous that it guaranteed its position as number one. It has no ranking on taste, popularity or overall consensus, but it does show that she has the receipts to prove that she is better than number two, THE SOUND OF MUSIC SOUNDTRACK and MICHAEL JACKSON’s iconic THRILLER ALBUM, which came in third. Congrats ADELE. Looks like she is poised to be back on the charts with her newest cd 25 that is dropping soon.



The queen of hip-hop and producer of the most iconic late 90s and early 2000s music is back on the charts with her newest music WTF (WHERE THEY FROM). MISSY ELLIOT is killing it with her unique brand of rhyming, style and presence that has been sorely missed. She is using her reintroduction during KATY PERRY’s HALFTIME SHOW at the SUPER BOWL last year to create a new fan base that is making her a household name once again.  I’m so proud of MISSY and I can’t wait until she does a little something for EMPIRE. You know it’s bound to happen with her boy TIMBERLAND helming the music on that show. Welcome back MISSY. You were sorely missed.  Now the other bootleg female MCs can have several seats as you come back to slay them ALL!!!




Casual dining chain JOE’S CRAB SHACK made news last week when it announced that it was going to a non-tipping policy in certain markets to test the “LIVING WAGE” experiment. In essence JOE’s will pay their worker a competitive wage, as stated, some where between 17-20 dollars an hour and they would outlaw “tipping” in their restaurant. As a server part time myself, I find that this is a horrible idea.  Due in part to the inconstancy of the industry, for a server to make a living wage that is nearly equated to the amount they take home for the low amount of hours worked, they would have to make on average 30-40 dollars an hour. There is no real way for a restaurant to keep ten to fifteen servers on, even when it’s not busy so that they can get their “eight” hours, which is entirely impossible. And if they do raise the wage to that much, customers will be looking at paying almost thirty dollars for an entrée that would have cost them half that amount if the tipping system was still in play.  TIPPING used to mean TO ENSURE PROPER SERVICE. If you go to no tipping, I guarantee YOU service will wane and the product will get bad and people will eventually not return to the establishment. #TRUTH #FAILURETOLAUNCH.



Citing that they do way too much work, FAST FOOD WORKERS around the country, namely DETROIT, are asking for 15 dollars an hour to flip burgers, drop fries and pour sodas. Whereas I am very adamant about SERVERS getting paid their tips, etc., I’m not on board with fast food workers making more than PARAMEDICS who make less than 15 dollars an hour for saving lives.  Yes they should get more than minimum wage, but as many have told me as a server, you can always go get another job if you’re not satisfied. And that’s the case for many in this industry where an average burger cost a dollar. If this raise in hourly wage happens, then our burgers and fries are going to be close to twenty dollars an hour and then you’ll see how many people return to the drive through. I say this particular job should be for young adults starting out in life. If you have a family to support, in my opinion, work hard and become a manager and eventually an owner.  Make your own destiny and don’t wait for someone to make it for you.  Everyone that works hard should get rewarded. That’s the American dream.  I just think the whole system should be overturned or corporations will make the decision for them. In certain city they are beta testing machines that customers push to get their burgers and fries, no assistant from a human cashier AT ALL.  This is going to be a hot topic that isn’t going away anytime soon.


    missouri univesrity1

It was without a doubt a signal that progress was indeed happening and that the concerns of the few became the reflections of the many.  University of Missouri, which lies a mere hundred or so miles from racially divided Ferguson, came under fire when the concerns of the 8 percent of the black population claimed that there were slurs and other epithets  hurled at them daily. One such incident was a black fraternity house being bombarded by cotton balls and when they went to clean them up, the black students looked as if they were “picking cotton”. Well the President of the University TIM WOLFE, didn’t react as fast as the students would like him to and protests began. Black students took to the campus in vocal peaceful demonstrations and one student even went on a hunger strike. It wasn’t until the majority black football team decided they wouldn’t play until the president resigned that anything happened.  Well that was the final straw and the president then stepped down. Guess hitting them in the pockets of the university was the push the black students needed to get them to get noticed. This is only the beginning. Hopefully this will open up a greater dialogue and allow the country to see that even in this progressive time, there are still people, in this case black people, who are still being treated unjustly.

  1. FRIDAY THE 13th


It was as though the worst things that could possibly happen, happened on the most unlucky of days.  First there was a 7.5 earthquake that hit Japan and caused a tsunami warning. The country was hit less than five years ago with a magnitude earthquake that caused major damage and they were still recovering. Then there were the bombings in Beirut killing hundreds of people in the middle eastern country.  There were also mass shootings and killings of many in KENYA, leaving hundreds of students dead. The final blow to civilization was the mass killings in Paris at sporting events, concerts and other gatherings Friday evening, early Saturday morning.  Carried out by the self-professed attackers ISIS, the attacked rocked the nation to its core and the world stood up in solidarity to our fallen ally.  What these tragedies have taught us, if anything, is that the human spirit has amazing resiliency. Where someone dares to dim our light because of hate, love and hope overcomes all of the bad vibes.  Let us pray for our world. We all need each other. We all matter in the scheme of things because we are after all HUMAN BEINGS.

God bless.

In the words of ELLEN, “Please be kind to one another!” More so now more than ever.

That’s it for this week…

V.A. Patrick Slade