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“On This Day be Great; be You!” #SpokenWord

As a fellow gemini I understood where he was coming from but honestly as I spoke to every one about it they all agreed that this was something most people our age felt some way or about. We all have been tainted by life and in living a fast paced life sometimes it’s not hard to look up to realize that we all need some extra strong t.l.c.; because we deserve it! Don’t work to hard my honey bees and in the meantime, kick back, and relax to the words of our new writer, a dear friend of mine; Ladies and Gents:

 Blayne Northington

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“Each day we arise full of life, full of guts, full of courage, but the gutsy person you arise  is short lived after the mind reminds itself of the weight of the world on your shoulders and back. Why is this feeling so short lived before the anchors of your mental boat are quickly dropped down into the waters of the world’s sins and problems?